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About the Exhibit:

Generously Seasoned is an exhibition featuring all BIPOC artists curated by Lee Lee La Cubana and Jency Sekaran.

This exhibition will spotlight the unique yet collective experiences of BIPOC artists, providing a captivating exploration of the diverse cultural tapestry that defines the minority experience in America. Through a rich array of artistic expressions, the exhibition not only will celebrate the participating artists but also serve as a platform for amplifying the perspectives often overlooked in mainstream discourse.

The Details:

  • June 18th - July 16th 

  • Atlantic Gallery, Chelsea, NY (548 W 28th St #540, New York, NY 10001)

  • Opening Reception, Closing Mixer, Installation and Pickup dates TBD

Open Call:

-Entry Deadline: May 4th 2024

-Artists must identify as BIPOC

-All levels of experience welcome, all artist level encouraged to apply for this opportunity to exhibit your work in a Chelsea gallery as an underrepresented artist

-Work can be any medium (painting, mixed media, sculpture, etc.) under 30 inches 

-Exhibition fees: There is a $10 submission fee, ($5 The jurors are paid for their time and curatorial expertise, $5 will be applied toward the exhibit cost if selected). This 4 week exhibition has a low cost administrative fee of $100 (including $5 from submission fee) per participating artist ($25/week) toward staffing. Perspective sponsors may opt to sponsor artists, lowering this cost, however selected artists should prepare for the full amount. 

-Installation: Artists will have the option to assist with installation or pay a $5 installation fee depending on the type of work. 

-Gallery Sales: Atlantic gallery has a 30% sales commission, please price your work accordingly. 


Preferred Pronouns (select all that apply)
Do you identify as BIPOC
Race and Ethnicity (Check all that apply)

You may submit 1-3 images below.

  • Any medium is accepted (paint, mixed media, sculpture, photography, etc.)

  • Any style is accepted (abstract, pop, ceramics, collage, etc.)

  • Dimensions should be 30 inches and under 

  • This can be any work that you feel speaks to your unique experience 

Upload File
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How did you hear about the exhibit

Thank you for applying to

Generously Seasoned

Artists will be notified of acceptance before May 15th, 2024

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