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Hosted by Ashley "Lee Lee La Cubana" and Crystal "C Bissy" Shade & Champagne contains entertaining and knowledgeable conversations for millennials with tips on how to live your best life featuring fellow entrepreneurs dishing out the high's and low's of entrepreneurship.


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C Bissy

Crystal "C Bissy" is a social media influencer, traveler and self-proclaimed leisure expert who believes that the joys of life are found outside of excessive work. Crystal aims to share experiences that will increase joy and how to work to live instead of live to work. She currently lives between NYC and Barbados and has a viral Tik Tok account: MyBigFatBrunchLife

Lee Lee La Cubana

Ashley "Lee Lee La Cubana" is an NYC based artist and co-owner of art brands The Culture Candy and heART Con. An honoree of Crain's 20 in their 20's 2022, Ashley aims to provide creatives with paths to entrepreneurship and share her experiences. 

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